Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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How Blogging Enhance My Writing Skill

Do blogging enhance my writing skill? Well, if u ask me I would say yes! Web blogging really helps me not just in my writing skill but also in other forms such as my expansion of vocabulary in English and general knowledge. To be honest, I am one of god's creature that developed the hatred, dis likeness and err...laziness for writing. However, blog is one way where I found that writing can be fun and enjoyable. With blogs, I can write everything in my style and I am able to express my feelings over something.

Academically, blogging helps me in improving my writing skill in terms of grammar. Now, when i do a lot of writing, I realize that it do helps me . For example, before I started to post anything on my blog, I did a lot of research on information first about what do I want to post. I also look up to other people's blog as references. While I read, I observed the word that they used and the strength that they got in their writing. It's hard for me to explain it with words, but I think, besides writing, reading also can enhance my writing skill in terms of my knowledge in grammar and vocabulary which I can apply when I do some writing. For example, instead of using normal or common words, I tried to use a lot of exotic or other words that sounds more sophisticated or uncommon by doing a lot of readings on articles, text, Internet and of course,dictionary. I also has started to develop the love for writing ever since I did web blogging. The more I write, the more i realize about the mistakes that I've done. In this case, it is the grammar of the language (English). I know that my grammar is not really in 'good condition' but at least, I think it's getting better a lot comparing to 2 years ago, where I was in a condition that "I don't give a damn about the grammar or the correct words to use as long as I complete my writing". So, in short, let me just say thak you so much to... well, whoever that founded or created the blog. Well, mind was created by Pyra Labs in 2003 and was bought by google then (hehehe...wondering where did I know this? It's a general knowledge and I got it from my period of blogging!)lol.

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