Thursday, March 12, 2009

Posting 2 (ii)

Blog(s) that I enjoy Reading

So now it comes to the time that I wanna tell you one of the the blogger sites that interest me and made me enjoy their writing. It is my friend a.k.a my ex-roomate's blog which tittled "My Wonderland". She wrote a lot of poems as part of her expressions which really interest me. The content of all the poems are easy to understand because she used laidback and easier words unlike other poems that contains a lot of words that is too exotic or the one that I never heard.One of her poem titled 'All the Best To All' (err...i'm not sure if it is really the title) tells about the reality life of deceiting, weakness,strenght and how reality can be harsful. Basically, I got a lot of inspiration from the poem of this blogs. So if there is any of you who would like to feel what i felt, just take some time to access this blog :

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